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EWUTC is one of the biggest Tech Club in East West University.

Started the journey from 2006 and now we are one of the biggest clubs in East West University. In the list of our achievements, Telco Warfare, which is being organized from 2012 and Internationally since 2017 is at the top. Moreover, we are organizing National Entrepreneurship Summit, Workshops, Seminars and what not to brush up skills, professionalism and personality.

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Hello Everyone, Here You Can Found Our Recent Blogs

মুজিববর্ষে ডিজিটাল নিরাপত্তায় বাংলাদেশ- Seminar on Cyber Security

east west university telecommunication club.national larning fest 2021

National Learning Fest 2021

National Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

Our Vision & Mission

– For being the first tech lead International Club of our country

– For making the vast National and International community

– For being the most student engaging club of East West University

– For being the host of most National and International Event

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Sean Paul, Director
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Anthony Rodgers, Manager