Leadership skill can uplift your career 100x more!!!

Leadership is such a skill that any job recruiter is finding this skill in the candidates. Modern world and other countries have been looking for this for many years. But in recent times job recruiters are searching for this skill too. Recently I was in a meeting with the Country Head of a renowned company in Bangladesh. He said to me, ” We don’t care about how the person is known or what his academic result is. We will teach him what we need. But we need someone who can lead and work with a team, and can communicate with others. We don’t need just a worker who will work hard. After some years most of the manual work will be done by automation. So, we need someone who can lead this.” If you see some job recruitment posts or face some questions of some high position job like Management Trainee Officer, Young Leader, Data Analyst etc. you will find that all the question patterns are checking for your analytical ability, your management skill and the leadership quality.   

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